When Supply & Demand Goes Wonky

I recently found myself going through a long and tedious comparison of a few cell phones as it’s almost time to upgrade to one that is more appropriate for a tech person on the go. This morning I saw this post in the New York craigslist that I had to reprint here because it’s true, a few of these smartphones are still miles ahead of anything else on the shelf, and are desirable enough to be messing with how the marketplace works:

Why are so many people trying to sell USED Treo 650 ‘s at RETAIL PRICE
Date: 2006-03-23, 4:04AM EST

a used Treo 650 costs $275-300. if you look around enough you can find one for $225-$250. People are crazy. The value of things goes down after you use them. Its called “depreciation”. Treo 650’s are not fine wines, rare jewels, or collector’s items. As a customer, you need to demand a fair price. Don’t offer more than $300 for a treo, wait a week and save yourself $100. or buy one new for $400

Another post in the search results for “Treo 650”:

Will trade magic beans for your Brand New Treo 650
Date: 2006-03-21, 6:28PM EST

let’s get real people

It goes to show irrational exuberance can flare up anywhere in the tech world. This should be a clear message to phone makers: stop with the baby step crap and produce a decent phone that does what people want at a decent price.

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