JetBlue Offering wifi on Flights?

This one is a little weird but I thought I’d post it anyway.

My office is located in Brooklyn below approach paths to both JFK and La Guardia airports. There is a constant stream of air traffic overhead day and night.

Last Saturday (the 22nd) I was doing some neighborhood scanning and saw what you see here: a six-minute blast of “Jet Blue hot spot” ad-hoc network that lit up the screen, then disappeared.

Six minutes seems a little long for a plane to fly into, and out of wifi range, and I am quite skeptical that this is real but it seemed like a tantalizing prospect. As far as I know, there are no “Jet Blue” corporate laptops, and in my ‘hood there are very few networks to join. Also, I doubt I am living in the midst of Jet Blue fanboys/girls.

Any general thoughts from the web on the sighting?

22 Thoughts to “JetBlue Offering wifi on Flights?”

  1. I am more impressed that you found the network “boobs new york”, fourth from the top.

  2. Susan

    That just happened to me 7/17/06 11:15 pm PDT – my husband didn’t believe me then I showed him just like you did above. I am glad your posting was here to back me up. By the way it was only for a few minutes and I am right next to Plant 42 an Air Force Base that is also used by lockheed and boeing.

  3. Mine stays a lot longer than 6 minutes, mine has been there for over 15 min now

  4. Russ

    I see it too. I’m in Boston, about 10 miles from Logan. I can connect to it, but that’s about all I can do and signal strength is stronger than my Ap in the same room.

  5. eliotosan

    Its quite possible that a Jet Blue plane was in a holding pattern a few miles up. That would explain the long time. I’m in Westchester and have been picking one up now for the past 10 mins.

  6. tiffany

    we have it in my neighborhood in seattle. it’s always on, and i am nowhere near the airport

  7. Drew

    Sitting at a fairly large banking est. in Columbus OH. Had the same thing. jet Blue hot spot. was avail for a almost an hour. Not really close to airport.

  8. thomas

    it might just be from laptops of people have flown on Jet Blue flights and used jet blue’s wireless internet on the planes or in the terminals. people who leave their wireless cards on, but use ethernet at home might still be broadcasting the ad-hoc network.

    there has been a Jet Blue hot spot in my college dorm since the end of christmas break.

  9. Nic Wolff

    Um, no. For one thing, there’s no space in “JetBlue”. These are “ad-hoc” or computer-to-computer networks that are created by evil people trying to trick you into logging on and using passwords or account information that they can then scan out of the traffic and steal. I’m starting to think that there may be a virus that creates such a network and then relays potentially valuable data back to an IRC server.

  10. Miniestate

    Let me join the JetBlue Gang. I 1st saw it yesterday at my Doctors office in Plantation Fl when I was connecting to the Doctors wireless. I did get a connection but the IP Address is a 169.x.x.x so it would not work. Today I am at my work and again the same thing and the IP Adress is a 169.x.x.x so it will not work but it is interesting to see it popup 2 days in a row like it is. So Googled it and here I am.

  11. ravharpug

    I’m in Madison Wisconsin and I get it on a pretty regular basis…

  12. Nel

    There’s one in my neighborhood (mid-peninsula SF Bay Area)that’s almost always there. I war-cycle on a pretty regular basis and I have seen about 30 Jet Blue SSIDs all with wildly differing MAC address prefixes (vendor codes) so my guess is some poorly behaving WiFi client code which had connected at one time.

  13. nel

    I think I found the answer, and it’s not good if you’re stuck using a Windows laptop.

    It seems that if a Windows laptop connects to a network and that network isn’t available next time it wakes up, it will start beaconing that SSID in hopes to create an ad-hoc network with the same “name”. Silly Microsoft.

    Except, of course, that it’s a large security hole.


  14. Steve

    I am located in Ambrosaia,NM it has showed up here as well, we are in a very remote location,,the only problem is it requires a user name and password,,where can person sign up for this?

  15. joeboatertx

    Nel is right on the money in his/her post!!!! I flew through JFK last week and became one of the problem children. I highly encourage you to check out the link and make sure that you are not part of the problem. I suggest that you make sure that “Jet Blue hot spot” is not in your configuired networks list and that you use worksround #3 in the link. No need to keep guessing on this one!

  16. I’d like to report one in downtown Seattle. It’s present every other day for short (less than 5 min) periods of time.

  17. SEKansas

    Seen 3 or 4 pop up in Random Southeast Kansas locations.

  18. John C

    You may not believe this, but I get these in Manchester England (about 15 minutes for airport too and get a few planes)

  19. Ramesh

    I was shocked to get Jet Blue Hot Spot while I was in Mumbai, India (a month ago). Of course, I tried connecting to it but it won’t (in spite of it showing a very strong signal and as a non security enabled network.

    Today, is showed up briefly at my home in Indiana, PA (a rural town). When it made a brief appearance, my home network disappeared from the list of available networks. I disable and then enabled my wireless device in desperation…my home network reappeared and the blue jet hot spot disappeared. I am worried. I don’t live near any airports and planes do not fly below 10,000 feet above my home…I am truly concerned that it might be some kid of bug…

  20. jagger

    yes…jetblue is starting to offer wifi service on their flights..IMing too

  21. Joe

    strange…Im picking one up 50 miles from the nearest town in west Tennessee. I dont think Ill try to connect to it…

  22. Captain Curious

    In a split level in a suburb of Philadelphia this “hotspot” is *only* available from a computer on the *bottom* level. I thought maybe another notebook was broadcasting it? I can connect but no IP, no further movement….

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