How to Remove QuarkXPress from OS X

Apparently to simply know Quark is enough to marry them and be destined to a long life of emotional distance and abuse and crying yourself to sleep every night.

Not only do both the 30-day trial and full versions of Quark software *not* come with uninstallers, but searches in their own help forums and support section return 0 results if you search for the word “uninstall”.

Oddly, Google searches don’t offer any more information so apparently I’m going out on a limb here by posting this “checklist” for filing your divorce papers electronically.

To uninstall Quark seek out and find the following files on your computer and delete them. Then empty the trash and restart your computer:

/Applications/QuarkXPress Folder
/Library/Preferences/Quark Folder
/Users/{yourusername}/Library/Preferences/Quark folder
/Users/{yourusername}/Library/Preferences/User Data {some serial number} (just look for the file with the Quark icon and delete that one)

If I’ve missed any files here please post in the comments section for the benefit of all. Many thanks.

4 Thoughts to “How to Remove QuarkXPress from OS X”

  1. Kira Park

    Hi. I’m wondering if you have found any additional files that ought to be deleted in order to completely and totally uninstall quark 6. Thanks!

    Also, is there a way to test that you’ve gotten everything?

  2. Hatthew Hayos

    all these folders must be deleted also:

    – KodakCMS.framework in the boot drive Library/Frameworks folder
    – LogoSync.framework in the boot drive Library/Frameworks folder
    – Xerces-c-xc.framework in the boot drive Library/Frameworks folder
    – Xalan-c-xc.framework in the boot drive Library/Frameworks folder

  3. alexwlchan


    Library/Application Support/Quark/
    ~/Library/Application Support/Quark/

  4. Taz Tally

    thank you for the Qxpress uninstall info and instructions!
    Taz Tally

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