Using the Samsung SCH-u740 with Mac OS X

So long as you time things correctly (generally using a combination of about 8 in person and over the phone reps at Verizon) you can take advantage of their “new every two” program and get a new phone for free every two years and not incur any special service charges or pro-rating of your “old” contract.

Until Palm has a phone that’s actually cheap (and maybe a little thinner) we decided not to add another one to the stable of tech toys, but instead would tread into the murky waters of the “other” phones to find a suitable second phone for my better half.

The Samsung SCH-u740 has been making its rounds and getting high praise so we thought we’d check it out. Unlike most phones this one actually felt solidly constructed and the multi-directional hinge did not feel flimsy.

While it would have been fine to get this and use it as just a phone (esp. as it was free) we thought we’d see if there was more that we could do with it so we started searching the internet for options.

We know that Verizon is notorious for crippling services and we discovered that as expected, bluetooth was pretty much useless out of the box with Mac. You can pair the device to your computer but then all you get to see is “no services available”.

We also know from experience from our last Verizon phone, that they want to make email the only way to get your pictures off the phone. After going through the laborious process of emailing the entire phone’s worth of pictures (40+) one at a time (at $.10/photo) we were determined not to go through that again.

If that weren’t bad enough there is even more: the only obvious way to get music on the phone is to buy all of it through Verizon VCast (with data plan that we had no interest in purchasing).

Luckily with the purchase of a few accessories you can use the “back door” to both load up your phone with your music but also to get your pics and videos off of the phone for free.

The Memory Card Shuffle

Everyone wants more storage for their media these days and like many phones this one has a slot in the side for a microSD card. seems to always have a deal on them and you can get 1GB anywhere from free to $10. Go buy one.

When you get this card and click it in you can format and use it by going to the following menus on your phone:
– Settings and Tools / Memory -> Card Memory -> Options (lower right hand contextual menu) -> Format Card

Once formatted pull it out of the phone and use your fancy card reader for your computer to mount it as an HD. Different computers will require different readers. We like to reduce desk clutter so we picked up a fancy 12-in-1 card reader for use with our MacBook’s Express Card slot. But any card reader that does SD or microSD will do.

Here is how our chain of data looks before plugging it all in. From left to right: Samsung phone, microSD, microSD to SD converter (free with microSD card), Express Card 12-in-1 Adapter, MacBook Pro

Here is how your card will look in your OS X Finder. You can see that the phone created folders to put everything in. Just drop music into the my_music folder and it will become available for play. Curiously the phone created a folder called PALM. I don’t know why or what that does.

Navigate into the my_pix and my_flix folders to copy photos and videos you’ve taken**

** To tell your camera to use the expansion card instead of internal memory for the camera and camcorder just start up one of those services and select:
– Options -> Memory -> Card


Update September 05, 2007: Copying your own movies to your Samsung u740

One of the commenters at the Amazon A Store had noted that this Samsung (along with a number of other phones) uses the Third Generation Mobile Video Standard or .3g2 format.

Apple is a member of this alliance and as such has put this format in the export options of it’s newest versions of Quicktime. Here is a walk-through of how we got a short .mov to work on our Samsung:

More Reading:

Here is an online thread with lots of info and feedback on the phone:

Here is some software that one might be able to use to synchronize *all* of the phone’s data with your computer:

18 Thoughts to “Using the Samsung SCH-u740 with Mac OS X”

  1. Tom G

    Are you able to synchronize this phone with iCal using Bluetooth?

  2. Nope. The entire Samsung line of phones is missing from the iSync supported devices page. That being said we’re still watching the site for updates as many of us are expecting that this software will add the u740 to it’s list of compatible devices.

    When it does BitPim would essentially replace your Address Book, iCal, and iPhoto plus give you some additional items you could control. While not as pretty as the Apple apps, I think being syncronized with *some* form of software is better than with none at all.

    For now you can drag and drop pictures, ring tones and wallpapers from what I can tell.

  3. mags

    I can upload songs to card and into phone. I can see the individual mp3s on My Music, but they don’t play? Do I need to download additional software?

    Mac OSX

  4. lloll

    hey, what does the file format need to be in order for me to put videos on my phone? mov or wma? mp4 and mpeg4 dont work.

  5. Rous

    Wanted to know the same thing, what format does my video have to be in to be put on my u740?

  6. A few things to check:
    – make sure your filenames are short (less than 35 characters including spaces)
    – make sure your filenames are alphanumeric (no spaces or funky ch@racter$)

  7. thatguy1234

    Also another thing you can do is find a website for ringtones that you can download,

    after you have found a ringtone and downloaded it you can open up your e-mail address and use the attach the ringtone on to it
    for the address it is ( the x is your number NO! 1 is needed before it

    if you are doing it through verizon almost all the ringtones need to be about 10 seconds verizon won’t allow much more. And under 200KB or else it takes hours to get

    it will pop up as a pix message click the right soft key I think and save the sound as a ringtone and their you have it

    when sending the ringtone makes sure there are no spaces between the name.

    It won’t cost anything if you have a txt message/pix message plan if you don’t it will cost about 25 cents.

    No cable needed or anything just download send and you’re done.

    Also you might want to get a seperate card because you internal phone card will fill up fast

  8. Robert

    I dislike Verizon on how they expect people to manage their data and how Samsung shuns Mac. So be it. All cellphone companies are alike, minus services and prices. I’m perfectly happy with TMobile. I got their Nokia Music Xpress 5300. Let me tell you something: if I only sacrifice an expensive Vcast service to have a fun phone that, for all intents and purposes, works like an iPod, and is TRUE Plug and play where I can drag-and-drop from iTunes? Verizon can go to H-E-double hockey sticks for all I care. Nokia’s Music Xpress 5300’s a sturdy phone, great MP3 phone, and everything is drag and drop. No special formatting needed, except for movies, but that’s expected. Samsung has a great phone, but their ostracizing of Mac users makes me feel that they are not ethical business people, lack vision, and their chip copywright lawsuit is the smoking gun on what their business practices reflect. Even if I’m not a Mac user, their method of getting music, and sharing files is NOT user-friendly, so much so I had to scour the internet and ended up here to share my experiences with that phone and Verizon. Thank you.

  9. Andy

    I saw on here that a driver needs to be downloaded to get the drivers and VZW Music Manager. Is that necessary or is that only a pc thing or if you want to go through verizon too, or what?

  10. dillon

    what format does the phone need its a grate phone but hard to use

  11. If you use your phone to format the MicroSD card (recommended) it will be MS-DOS (FAT16). This is readable both on Windows and Mac computers.

  12. Out of the box the phone will have all of the software it needs to play music. I presume that the drivers you are talking about would allow the phone to Sync with Windows or Windows Media Player on a PC.

    For us Mac folks it’s pretty easy: just get your mp3s from wherever you like, copy them to a MicroSD card, insert the card into the phone and play away.

    To find the music player on the phone go to the menu:

    Get It Now -> Music & Tones -> My Music

    Then choose to list by artist, album, song name and hit play.

  13. christian

    Anyone know how to sync Mac’s address book to the u740?

    I’m wanting to buy the phone badly, but won’t switch until I know how to get my 500+ contacts into the phone (without spending days of manual input). Any tidbits would be greatly appreciated!

  14. This is a case of good news, bad news bad news:

    Good news: As of December 24, 2007 BitPim added support for the u740! This means you can sync your address book (and in the future much much more) on your phone with your mac.

    Bad news: BitPim is a standalone program like the Palm Desktop. This means you can’t sync directly with Apple’s Address book or iCal, iPhoto, etc.

    More bad news: Even if you could sync your Mac’s Address Book with the Samsung u740 this phone only has the storage capacity for UP TO 500 contacts, not MORE THAN 500 contacts.

    That being what it is I can’t wait to install BitPim and see how it works. Will report back if it’s anything noteworthy.

  15. CL

    Hey, I have been using BitPim, and it works great. It has a bunch of great utilities, and really works well. There a couple of ways that you can transfer your contacts. If they are all saved on your computer, BitPim will import specific formats. If not and you have an old Verizon phone WITH BLUETOOTH! You connect the phones via bluetooth, and then click “send name card” This allows you to select all of your old contacts, and send them via bluetooth to your new phone. Alternate, you can take the phone to verizon, and they will do it for you.

  16. WOAH

    This advice is great, but I’m still having a bit of trouble. I’ve formatted the micro SD card, and I’ve loaded the music onto it. When I go to card memory, it shows the space taken up by the music I loaded, but when I go to “my music,” nothing shows up. An advice?

  17. laura

    the format memory card option isnt found the way you directed. maybe because my u740 is from Bell canada?

    i’d love to put songs on it, but just dragging them onto the card didnt work. a USB data cable came with the phone. the first time i inserted the card it asked me if i wanted to make the folders on it for files but the songs wont play!


  18. Marc

    Does anyone know how to transfer a video off of the Sch-U740 and onto a hard drive. It won’t transfer onto the SD and it says it’s too large to email.

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