How to migrate SD cards on a Palm Treo with Mac OS X

If you’re like me you like to have one expansion card that holds everything, not a handful that you have to carry around and swap all the time. Using OS X and a card reader you can migrate all of your data in three easy steps and be right back on the road with more storage.

STEP ONE: back up your data using Disk Utility

Make a disk image of your existing SD card. You can use a USB card reader or Palm software that mounts the SD card on your desktop. You can see my disk was called RICOCHET and I made my backup selection after single clicking on that disk in the left column. Disk Utility created a new .dmg of my SD card called disk4s1.dmg. You can choose to name this anything you like.

STEP TWO: format your new card

You can use the Card Info program on your Treo or you can use Disk Utility on your mac. If you use Disk Utility you need to choose “MS-DOS File System” so that it will use the FAT32 format.

STEP THREE: Use disk utility to “restore” your old disk image to your new SD card

In the “restore” tab of the Disk Utility dialogue you will simply drag-and-drop your freshly formatted SD card into the “Destination” box and your .dmg backup (disk4s1.dmg in my case) to the “Source” box and click “Restore”

Once the process is done you can eject the disk and you’re set to go.


  • If you have an old Treo 700p you may need to update your firmware to allow it to recognize SDHC cards of 4GB and greater.
  • Not all SDHC cards are created equal. I picked up a Kingston Class 6 SDHC card and it would freeze up half way through copying files to it and completely crashed my mac when accessing it via Disk Utility. An off-the-shelf SanDisk 4GB SDHC card was plug and play and worked immediately without a fuss. It is apparently only a “class 2” so we’ll see how the speed holds up while playing TV on it.

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