iPhone weblinks for Palm Centro and Treo using Sharklinks

Even in a world of over 20,000 third party applications not everything has been written for the Palm OS.

Say, for example, you already found your free weather program and want to get your daily horoscope in as few clicks as possible. You’d search high and low but you would find that the only programs that are available are kind of expensive and don’t provide a fully-functional trial version, thus removing them from the “consider” list.

The solution here might be to fill in this gap with information you know you can get on the web. Using the free program called Sharklinks you can create a web shortcut that appears in your launcher as if it were an actual application. This saves at least 3 of your 4 clicks to get to your info and you also can add a nice new icon to boot:

Using sharklinks to create a new launcher shortcut. Make sure to check “unique app” to make it appear with the other applications.

Using the techniques laid out in our previous post on customizing your Palm OS launcher you can then assign your web shortcut it’s own custom icon. Cool.

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