Guitar Hero III (GH3) For Mac: We might be able to make this work yet…

Thanks to this article on we were able to disregard the terrible feedback for the ATI X1900 found on the apple store and get one installed and running reliably on our Quad 2.16 Mac Pro.

Since the article was so in depth there is not much that we can add other than this summary to throw on the pile of similar experiences from other card owners:

– The stock cooler for the ATI X1900 isn’t just bad; it’s utterly unusable. Within a half hour of initial installation it overheated and took the entire system down. Cranking up the HDD corridor fans using smcFanControl did nothing as the stock cooler exposes little of it’s heat sink and relies entirely on it’s own loud, ineffective fan

– After a 4 week backorder at we finally received our Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 (rev 2) and found that the directions were, indeed, poorly illustrated and hard to understand. Knowing what the kit will look like when properly assembled helped a great deal. In the end installation was very smooth and linear.

– We are able to run work activities on an Apple 23″ Cinema display (sharing the graphics memory between OS X in one “spaces” space and Windows XP Home SP2 on a second space) using the standard fan settings and passive cooling (no turbo module)

– The first run of Guitar Hero III crashed the system pretty hard but we presumed this was heat related and cranked the HDD fans up to 3000rpm (probably higher than needed) using smcFanControl. With these settings you can feel the air blowing out the back of the case and game runs fine at 1280×800 with crowd and lens flare on with the exception of certain camera pans in a few arenas which Aspyr acknowledges as a problem that will be addressed in a forthcoming patch.

So all in all it’s a little disappointing that so much tweaking is left to gamers and that consoles seem to continue to be the only “just works” way to play a game. That being said, good results can be had on Mac/PC and the Accelero S1 is quite a bargain for the stability it provides.

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