Palm releases a new “crutch” to survive, now has 2

With the Treo Pro Palm now has a second crutch to hobble around on, making it a better, more mobile cripple.

Why are the Centro, the most popular Palm and the Treo Pro crutches?

The Centro is a crutch because it is the same-OLD-treo stuffed into only a *slightly* smaller brick with a colorful shell on top. It provides no forward movement of their technology, but instead is a quick bit of cosmetic surgery to grab some new customers from the flock that is migrating over to smartphones (formerly business users, now everyday folk)

The Treo Pro is a crutch in the same way that all the “w” and “wx” model Treos are: Since Windows Mobile was available (and their new OS wasn’t) they tossed it into their hardware to make a few quick bucks while they worked out what *should* be in there.

The upside is that they FINALLY *almost* got the hardware right. Aside from a screen that’s too small, they seem to have created an almost Apple-like unboxing and an almost iPhone like phone with a keyboard.

The thing that kills me is that Palm has as devoted of a fan base as Apple, or even moreso. Take a look at the comments in the palm blog! There are throngs of people who are STILL proclaiming their devotion to Palm despite being abandoned. It’s like the old ex girlfriend/boyfriend who hangs around after you’re married “just in case” you come to your senses and divorce.

We linked out to our friends at Engadget last year when they wrote their “Dear Palm, It’s Time For an Intervention” and would like to do so again now that they’ve posted Engadget Cares: The State of Palm Checking In A Year Later.

I think they are more forgiving at this stage in the game. Many of us have already mentally moved on to Android or the iPhone (on some network other than AT&T) and are just waiting to pounce.

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