Name decals for your bike are not just for pros–they have many other uses as well:

  • Identification on organized tours: While there is rarely ever a problem with a bike being handed to the wrong person off the truck, having a name tag on your bike makes it crystal clear who owns what
  • Cycling, like soccer, is an international sport. You can celebrate that diversity and community by including your national flag on your nametag. (This is also a great icebreaker)
  • If *you* have a nametag it’s also great for me as I’m terrible with names and it is more likely that I’ll be able to commit it to memory on our first ride. 🙂
  • It’s kind of like the analog version of using your real name when posting in online forums–when people see that you’re not afraid to identify yourself they will view you differently and know that you will act responsibly, professionally and courteously
Name and flag decals add a professional touch to your bike
There are options to match the color, border and background with your existing decals

Usually you can get a set of 6-10 stickers for about $20.

Pictured decals: “Name Stickers on Clear with Flag” from Victory Circle Graphics

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