Update Swype on HTC Evo 4G (rooted)

So the Sprint stock ROMs have Skype baked in which is great, except that version 2.50 has this “feature” that forces the replacement of numbers with things like “2moro” and “4ever”. If you ever do things like type numbers, this will quickly make you want to turn this keyboard OFF.

Any potential updates to swype will be bundled with ROM updates sent from Sprint. To date only one has come, which was the one that broke everything. What’s more, if you try to update your version manually to 3.26 the next time you reboot you will be greeted with repeated pop-ups that look like this:

If your phone is rooted and you’re running a “Stock” Sprint ROM you can switch out of the old swype and install the new. Here are the steps that worked for me on my HTC Evo 4G running Sprint OTA 4.22.651.2:

  1. Uninstall all versions of swype.app you can find (if any). Look in your regular apps and in /system/app*
  2. Delete /system/lib/libSwypeCore.*
  3. Delete /data/data/com.swype.android.inputmethod*
  4. Pull your battery and restart phone (a normal restart with “fast boot” may not clear everything)
  5. Sign up for the public swype beta and download/run the installer to get the latest and greatest
  6. Install swype and activate it

* When directing you to /system and /data I presume that you have some method to get there as well as to alter the files there. I personally use RootExplorer, but you can use anything you’re comfortable with.