Riding that extra 10 degrees colder, the thereifixedit.com edition

If the weather is just out of range of your kit but you need to get out for that ride just take a look around your home–all it takes is a little enginuity and you’ll be out the door and on the road. I’ve seen wool sweaters under a windbreaker, newspaper stuffed into the shoes and more. If you have a favorite winter hack let us know in the comments.

Today’s kludge consisted of windproofing with gaffer tape and saran wrap.

windproofing your shoe covers with gaffer tape
Just a little gaffer tape on the front of a non-windproof shoe cover will take the edge off.
saran wrap to block wind
A single sheet of saran wrap below the top two lycra layers stopped the wind without collecting too much sweat.


One Thought to “Riding that extra 10 degrees colder, the thereifixedit.com edition”

  1. Roger

    Or do what I do.. Stuff a newspaper down the front of your jacket. The layers keep you warm.. it breaths and absorbs moisture.. thats the way the pros rock.. Plus you have something to read at the coffee shop. Any paper will do but I am told that Ciclismo is just that much warmer

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