How to Adapt a NiteRider MiNewt/Lumina for use with K-Edge GoPro Handlebar Mount

Do you ever have that problem where you think you’ve invented something amazing and then you go onto the internet and found somebody has already done it and that you can buy it for just $N.nn?

That doesn’t always happen to me, even though I might want it to. Despite Amazon and the internet being stuffed to the gills with adapters, I could not find a simple handlebar mount for my NiteRider light that was narrow enough to fit in between the stem and the flattened top of my FSA K-Wing handlebars.

NiteRider MiNewt clamp is too wide to fit in the small space before the handlebar tapers and flattens

Like many action junkies these days, I have a GoPro camera and a K-Edge mount that has solved most of this problem:

The K-Edge GoPro mount has a narrow forged clamp that will work with any oversized bar…
…but the end of the mount uses the proprietary GoPro attachment.

Digging through my kit I decided to focus on the tripod adapter, a part that I purchased that I was unlikely to use for its original purpose, and one that I was likely to be able to find bolts for.

Before we get into the nuts-and-bolts of the process I must begin by saying that this is not THE definitive how-to guide; since I don’t have a workbench or power tools this is very much the dark-ages way to do it. Use these slides more as a rough guide of what you need to do and use the (more likely better) tools you have.

So Eric at my LBS and I noticed that the part of the NiteRider clamp that does the actual carrying of the light is both very thin and also removable via a bolt and flat-head screw.

Standard NiteRider handlebar mount

In order for the clip to fit flush to the flat tripod mount I used a hacksaw with a wood blade to remove the cone-shaped bottom:

I then used an exacto knife and some sandpaper to smooth it down:

I found some 1/4″ machine screws at Home Depot that were the correct threading for a tripod. Importantly they were aluminum which meant they’d be easy to cut down to the correct length by hand:

The heads of the screws are too wide to fit the NiteRider mount so I used a 7/16 spade bit to carve out the circular shape being VERY CAREFUL not to go too far–if you cut it perfectly you’re left with ~1mm of plastic to hold everything together. Smoothing was done with sandpaper and a rounded exacto knife.

the machine screw flush inside the NiteRider mounting clip

You’ll want a rubber washer to add a little friction between the clip and the tripod mount. You can use the rubber that came with the NiteRider light but I find it to be a little too soft so I used a spare strip from another light I purchased some years ago:

So then here is your mount kit stack:


Just when I thought I was finished and was congratulating myself on a job well done I noticed a problem…

Nothing that a little hacksaw can’t fix!


One Thought to “How to Adapt a NiteRider MiNewt/Lumina for use with K-Edge GoPro Handlebar Mount”

  1. Daniel Marzani

    Hello. I just read your article on modifying the mount for the NightRider Lumina to adapt it for use with a GoPro mount. You are the man! Here’s why: I have a Lumina 700 and a Bell Super Helmet which comes with…drumroll please…a GoPro mount built into the helmet! I’m like “Hey I want to mount my light to that!”. You have saved me several hours of tinkering in my shop. Thanks dude! Also, I checked out the following mount on Amazon which has the correct two tabs to interdigitate with the GoPro three tab mount. It is the Drift GoPro Mount Adaptor for HD Cameras. Thanks again from a fellow rider and Native New Yorker.

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