The Heavy-Handed Way to Stop Your Seat Post From Creaking

I’m not sure if I’ve stumbled upon something idiotic or brilliant but check this out: the two factors that contribute to creaking seatposts are, in order:

  • Dryness
  • Wear

The first is handled with annual greasing but continued flexing of the post against the frame will create little wear marks in the post. This allows more room for the post to rub against the frame and make that grating, creaking noise. A slightly worn post does not stay quiet for long after greasing so I started looking for another solution other than finding a zero-offset carbon seatpost.

What I ended up finding was Rust-oleum LeakSeal rubberized paint. Originally designed for household applications such as sealing cracks in your sidewalk or gutters, the spray can allows you to apply a very thin rubber coating to your seatpost. Add a little grease on top of that to slide it into place and now you’re hushed for life!

I also had good luck using this to stop a seat post from slipping ever so gradually into the frame of another bike.

Long live the silent bike!

A light coat of Rust-oleum Leak Seal rubber paint shuts a creaky seatpost right up!

Rust-oleum LeakSeal on Amazon

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