Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder Assembly Diagram

capresso infinity conical burr grinderPOV: You’ve purchased a burr replacement kit for your Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder and have carefully disassembled it to the point where you’re lifting out the bottom assembly and you hear a jumbling of small metal parts. You lift the grinder tray up and see a pile of springs and bearings. You search the internet and Capresso’s service website for a diagram to aid in reassembly and find nothing.

Based on the wear patterns on the springs, and the placement of concave depressions on the bottom of the small burr, I believe this is an accurate diagram for reassembly:

capresso 560.01 burr assembly

I have the model 560.01, which has a plastic outer case but the innards are the same as the 560.04 so these same instructions apply for both.

When reassembling, be sure to line up the notches on the cap that holds the top burr in place. Jonathan Kohrman found this video by Jura-parts that shows the disassembly and reassembly of a Capreso Imprezza all-in-one unit, which appears to have the infinity grinder built-in.

Source: Jura-parts
Source: Jura-parts

8 Thoughts to “Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder Assembly Diagram”

  1. Tyson Rogers

    This is accurate. I just took mine apart and it was exactly like this schematic.

  2. Andy Brncick

    I’ve removed the conical burr from my capresso grinderand cleaned it with a brush and shook out the motor assembly quite a few times and always reassembled it.
    This last time I screwed it up somehow because now the hopper won’t sit down on the grinder assembly like it always did before.
    I have the black dot on the hopper lined up with the black mark on the grinder assembly but now it rocks and won’t slip all the way down like it did before. And now the machine won’t go on. How did I reassemble it wrong?
    I know there is a black ring that has a notch in it that the hopper slots are suppose to fit into but now they don’t
    I must of screwed up the mechanical timing of the hopper and the base grinder.

  3. Jonathan Kohrman

    I put mine together the way you described and now I only get fine grind. Somethings wrong with the burr adjustment. It’s really frustrating that the company doesn’t have a diagram.

  4. Jonathan Kohrman

    Got it fixed. Important detail when you put the plastic sleeve on that holds the screw. There’s two indents that have to line up correctly.

  5. Dale

    Mine had a small cotton? washer under the bottom burr. It seems to have expanded 2-3 times in size. Does anyone have a drawing or picture of exactly where this cotton gasket goes, and are there new ones available?

  6. John

    How tight did you screw the burrs together?

  7. Hey John, hand-tight should do the trick.

  8. D. M. Wooten

    On the 560.1 burr assembly,
    Where can you buy a new tray that the burr sets on?

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