Google Chrome Broke Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

I used to quickly access my frequently-used Chrome bookmarks using Apple’s custom keyboard shortcuts which allowed you to map keyboard commands to any menu item in any application.

When Google removed individual bookmarks from the bookmarks menu in an update this stopped working.

Unsure if Google was going to reinstate access at the system menu level, I found the Bookmark Shortcuts Extension which replaces this functionality.

It is limited to 10 bookmarks, all of which must be moved into the first 10 positions in your bookmarks list, but other than that, you can assign any combination of keyboard characters so I didn’t have to learn any new patterns to continue working as I had been for years.

Bookmark Shortcuts Extension configuration screen

Bookmark Shortcuts Extension config screen via the chrome web store. BMO Custom Keycap thumbnail image credit: Astrokeycaps

Update Nov 10, 2022: Google Chrome 107 fixed the broken bookmarks menu and Apple keyboard shortcuts work again. I’m leaving this post live because the Bookmark Shortcuts Extension is still useful and Google will probably break Chrome again in the future.

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